N920F-ENC 900MHz Industrial Radio

Model N920F-ENC

The Nano Series features robust, high speed, low latency, secure data communications. The n920 has full serial and diagnostics data capabilities and is ‘radio compatible’ with Microhard 910/910A and 920/920A modems! The n920 offers excellent noise figure, superior interference rejection, agile frequency synthesis, digital modulation, and matched filter detection.

Supports Serial RS232/422/485, RS232/422/485, 115.2, 172 and 230.4 kbps RF Link Rates only
Quad Filter Stage provides Extreme Noise & Interference Rejection
Supports Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Store and Forward Repeater, TDMA
Maximum allowable transit power (1W)
Low Power consumption in Sleep and Sniff modes
32 bits of CRC, selectable Forward Error Correction with retransmit
Separate diagnostics port—transparent remote diagnosis and online network control
Very Small Footprint

Price: $495.00

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