PT070-2MR00 7.0" HMI with Integrated PLC, OffPeak Technologies

Model PT070-2MR00 HMI with Integrated PLC from OffPeak Technologies

7.0" TFT LCD QVGA Screen, 800x480 Resolution, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
14 Inputs, 10 Relay Outputs
RISC 32 Bit 200MHz CPU, 8MB Flash RAM, 64MB SDRAM, 128MB Nand Flash
128-1Mb Battery Backed Memory, user defined, HMI RTOS Operating System
Ethernet Port, 2 Serial Ports, USB Host and USB Slave Ports
Real TIme Clock, Micro SD Card Slot.

Free Software includes most common PLC drivers such as Allen Bradley, Modbus, Bacnet, Siemens, Omron, Idec, Delta, Mitsubushi.

Projects can be developed in either portrait or landscape mode.

VNC Capabilities for Remote Operation

Protocol Conversion using multiple ports

Extensive library of symbols included in the configuration software. .jpg or .bmp files can be inported into the software

FTP capability to download data or access data on either the HMI, USB or Micro SD card

Field upgrades using either the USB or Micro SD card

PLC IO Specs:
Execution Speed = .38µS per Sequence Command
Space of Control Program (Step) = 20K words

Inputs (x) = 14

Outputs (y) = 10 Relay or PNP Transistor - Note: See part numbers above for correct output type.)

Internal Relays (m) = 2,002 total, 1,400 retentive or non-retentive
512 non-retentive only, 90 special

Stepping Relays (s) = 500 retentive and 500 non-retentive

Timers = 256 total, variety of time values available

Counters = 256 total, wide variety of configurations including –

16 & 32 bit, U/D, A/B, high speed (5k, 10k, 200k) fully configurable

Data Registers = 19,104 total, a variety of types, 7,840 are standard data set as either retentive or non-retentive, 3,072 can be Read Only (which does not take away from AP memory) or they can be used as standard registers, 8,192 are set as file registers which require special access.

Input Registers (AI) = 64 (for external numeric input)
Output Registers (AO) = 64 (for external numeric output)
System Registers = 296 total
Special Registers including the RTC = 12
Index Registers = 12 total

Interrupts = 4 single point

Pulse Output = 4 single point (10KHz standard – 200Khz optional)

Comms Ports = 3, 2 available for the user 1 reserved for the HMI
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Price: $839.99

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